Friday, March 20, 2009

1-2-1 Information

Thursday, March 19 staff from Sidney Schools met with Mike Meeker from Apple Computers. An agreement has been reached with Apple to offer a 1-2-1 laptop program for all students grades 5 – 12 beginning in 2009-10. The 9-12 students will have the use of their laptops 24/7, and the 5-8 students will have the use of their laptops during the school day, with the possibility of expanding use as the year progresses. As part of the program, there will be an Implementation Night for all students and parents. Put these dates on your calendar:

• Thursday, August 6: Class registration for all K-12 students at their respective buildings. Registration materials will be sent to parents prior to the registration day.

• Monday, August 10: Implementation Night for all 9-12 students and their
parents/guardians. All students and parents must attend as policies and procedures will be explained to the students and parents. An Acceptable Use
Policy must be signed before a laptop will be issued to the students. Laptops
will be issued on the 10th.

• Tuesday, August 11: Implementation Night for all 5 – 8 students and their parents/guardians. The same procedures will be followed as with the 9-12 students, except the laptops will not be issued to the students.

• More detailed information will be forthcoming, including the time of the meetings. The district will also have available 30 – 40 laptops for use in grades PK – 4. Technology on-site and additional technology that has been ordered will make this program possible. The program will be financed with federal grants and state one-cent sales tax revenue.

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