Friday, March 13, 2009

Technology Panel

Yesterday I was asked to serve on a panel at Heartland AEA in Des Moines. Also on the panel were Tim Geyer - Norwalk Technology Coordinator; Cathy Molumby - Valley Superintendent; and Jeff Dicks - Newell/Fonda Superintendent. We presented information to superintendents, AEA personnel, and technology coordinators about how technology has been integrated into the curriculum in our schools. It was a very enjoybable and informational session. I shared with the group the progress the district has made over the last few years leading up to the implementation of a 1-2-1
laptop program in 2009-10. The vision and talent of community members, board members, AEA personnel, and staff have made this progression possible. Newell/Fonda is a district of 410 students in northwest Iowa. They are in the first year of a 1-2-1 at their high school. Mr. Dicks shared with great enthusiasm how the 1-2-1 is positively impacting learning and teaching in their district! Sidney CSD will be sending a team of board members, teachers, and administrators to Newell/Fonda sometime this spring to learn more about how to effectively implement the 1-2-1 initiative. Its an exciting time for our students, staff, and community!

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